Sargent study

A study of one of his paintings in Painter X.


de Haaff said...

Nice study! I think you need to be a little bolder with your strokes though, (apologies if I'm wrong) looks to me like you've noodled away at it a bit. What I've always liked about Sargeant is the immediacy of his strokes, even if you have to sacrifice a little accuracy, I think you'll get more out of it if you bear that in mind. That and his eye for colours (which look dead on to me).

I haven't done a Sargeant study in yonks (ages, for those not familiar with English slang), should probably get on that...

SP said...

"apologies if I'm wrong"

No, your dead on, I was having a tough time with the strokes, I came to the realisation that a wacom tablet can't compare with a real brush or, and more likely, that I need to do a ton more of these studies :D.

Thanks for the advice, I plan to do more, his work is stunning. I don't think I've seen you do any digitals for awhile? get to it!