Study and Sketch

Zhaoming study in artrage:

Random doodle, photoshop:


shou' said...

Nice strokes and color choices.

de Haaff said...

Awesome, love the first one, nice and impressionist like.

Anthony said...

i love zhaoming's work! glad he inspires you:)

SP said...

Sorry for the late replys, my cpu blew up :(

shou': Cheers! although Artrage did all the hardwork :D
de Haaff: Thanks a lot dude, need to do more of those.
Anthony: big fan of his work, he's just so incredible!

Hope you all have a good Xmas and I look forward to more work from you lot!

Anonymous said...

I love the digital paintings you do, SP.
As de haaff says, that first one's right nice.