Studies two


Gah, they look wrong!


JP said...

I don't think they look 'wrong'per se - keep at it!

How long are you spending on each? I'm going to try doing some tonight. Don't be too critical ;)

SP said...

They're about one hour-ish, some less some more. Thanks for the encouragement.

Awesome, you haven't updated in ages :p. I'll be checking those later on! Here's to a productive 2009.

de Haaff said...

Nothing really wrong with them, without the ref in front of me at least. I'd say the second girls mouth is a little to far over to our right and the yellow/orange highlight on her nose is maybe a little strong, looks like some sauce or something.

They look good though man, colours look spot on.

SP said...

Cheers for the feedback. Ha! yeah her nose does look weird. Going to do more of these, hopefully get better with placing the features on the head.